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    PRICE: 100



    Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications are complete, prebuilt BI solutions that deliver intuitive, role-based intelligence throughout an organ

    1. 1A OBIA111181 Introduction and Architecture 1
    2. 2A OBIA111181 Installation 1
    3. 3A OBIA 111181 Source configuration in BIACM 1
    4. 4A Select Applications and FSM 1
    5. 5A Load Plans 1
    6. 6A Trimming RPD 1
    7. 7A OBIA 111181 V4 Loading RPD and Web Catalog 1
    8. 8A OBIA 111181 V5 Configuring Segment and Account 1
    9. 9A OBIA 111181 V6 Category 1 Customization Part1 1
    10. 10A OBIA 111181 V7 Category 1 Customization Part2 1
    11. 11A OBIA 111181 Category 2 Customization 1
    Ram Reddy Data scientist
    Data scientist and founder of RRITEC, a company dedicated to helping scientists better understand and visualize their data. Ram Has hands-on exposure